"Using Technology to Build Connections"

2021 Virtual Conference
March 23-25

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graphic of a microphone and ghost

How to Create a Ghost Story Podcast

Presenters: Brianna Healey, Derek Lee

Theme: Students as Creators

Learn about the origins and pedagogical aims of "The Ghost" retell family ghost stories project and how to create your own spooky podcasts.

March 25, 3:00 pm


Embrace Your Potential with LinkedIn Learning

Presenters: Tracy Mills-Howell, Sarah Wojcik-Gross

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

Engage with the IS Training Team as they share how to grow your software, creative, and business skills utilizing LinkedIn Learning!

March 24, 11:00 am


A Year of Video: Diving into the unknown and coming out on top

Presenters: Brianna Healey, K. Monet Rice-Jalloh

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

Let K. Monet Rich-Jalloh take you on her journey of process, failures and successes, and her deep dive into the work of video making and how you can do it too.

A student orientation message displayed in the Canvas LMS

New Deac 101: Student Orientation as an Online Experience

Presenters: Laura Brewer, Cherise James

Theme: Pandemic Partnerships

Join us in this session as we walk through how we reimagined the orientation experience for over 1500 students in Canvas.

screenshot of AutoCad screen with AWS logo in upper corner

Introducing cloud computing to enhance the student experience: Amazon WorkSpaces & the Department of Engineering

Presenters: Hunter Bachman, Sophia Bredice, Michael Greco, Lauren Lowman, Pat Morton, Tommy Murphy

Theme: Pandemic Partnerships

Hear from Department of Engineering faculty, Wake Downtown staff, and Information Systems to learn about the partnership that took place and the possibilities of leveraging cloud virtualization to enhance teaching and learning.

Jonathan and Eudora at TechX 2019

Building Accessibility Through Dynamic and Digital Engagement

Presenters: Jonathan Milam, Eudora Struble

Theme: Pandemic Partnerships

Remote work may have its pros and cons, but the growth of dynamic digital engagement has been a great “pro” to drive awareness of Wake’s accessibility efforts.

March 23, 3:00 pm

The Media logo

The Media 2020-2021

Presenters: Colin Afferton, Maisy Armstrong, Lauren McGovern, Katie Sprague, Frank Whitworth, Esther Yang

Theme: Pandemic Partnerships

The Media discusses their organization, their resilience in regard to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the future of the organization on Wake Forest University’s campus.

red Adobe logo with the red Canvas logo

Using Adobe tools with Canvas

Presenters: Laura Brewer, Jenna James

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

Learn how to make the most out of Adobe’s Canvas integration to leverage storytelling tools such as Adobe Spark in your classes.

Picture of how to Cultivate a digital connection with Brian Calhoun

How to Cultivate a Digital Connection

Presenters: Brian Calhoun

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

This presentation will review technological tools useful for faculty and staff working remotely to meet student needs / creating better connections in a digital environment.

Hosting a Successful Virtual Awareness Campaign during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenters: Stephen Bertino, Justin Leffue, Jeff Teague, Sarah Thomas

Theme: Pandemic Partnerships

During a year when in-person events faded to distant memory and “pivot” became the most common workplace lingo, one question often loomed larger than others: “how do we continue to engage meaningfully with our students, faculty, and staff?” The Information Security (InfoSec) Team has always prioritized cybersecurity awareness among our Wake Forest Community, and wrestled with this very question as National Cybersecurity Month approached in 2020. In the article below, the InfoSec Team explains the variety of methods (and resulting outcomes) employed to successfully facilitate engagement, foster critical thinking, and provide learning takeaways for participants despite the challenges that a virtual environment presented.

photo of the Technology Consultants

The Student Technology Consultant Program

Presenters: Maisy Armstrong, Henry Lynn, Brae Troutman, Alex Xia

Theme: Students as Creators

Learn more about how Technology Consultants incorporate different forms of media, including messages, imagery, and audio to enhance multimodal storytelling, digital literacy, and leadership.

picture of two students in the ZSR Library on their computers

The Student Kaltura Experience

Presenters: Jared Steinberg, Schuyler Stump

Theme: Students as Creators

Learn how to integrate Kaltura into your college experience as a student at Wake Forest University, through creating channels, adding to playlists, or even viewing professors’ recorded lectures.

podcast room and equipment at the WakerSpace

Podcasting African Pasts

Presenters: Brianna Healey, Nate Plageman, Paul Whitener

Theme: Pandemic Partnerships

In this podcast, Nate Plageman (Department of History) sits down with Brianna Derr and Paul Whitener of Academic Technology to discuss how students in one of his classes, HST 105 'Africa in World History', produce podcasts as their capstone projects in lieu of a more conventional written research project.


Ideas for Virtual Poster Presentations

Presenters: Kristen Beavers, Suzanne Thompson

Theme: Students as Creators

Students learned not only how to design a poster and give an elevator pitch summary of their research, but also how to record a screen capture video of themselves presenting their work.

March 25, 11:00 am

Painted pottery on a table at the WakerSpace

Exploring the Ancient World Hands-On

Presenters: T.H.M. Gellar-Goad, Amy Lather

Theme: Students as Creators

Hear from Professor Amy Lather and Professor T. H. M. Gellar-Goad about their partnerships with Paul Whitener and the WakerSpace, from a Take & Make Challenge to 3D-printed replicas of ancient art!

Crumpled up paper on the end of a string - looks like a lightbulb signifying an idea

WakerSpace and Wake First Year Students: A Collaborative Technology Project

Presenters: Sam Gladding, Paul Whitener

Theme: Students as Creators

Tune into this presentation to learn how how the Assistant Director of WakerSpace, Paul Whitener, and Professor of Counseling Sam Gladding, worked together to not only expose first year students to the technology of WakerSpace but actually taught them how to use it and employ it in their final projects in the First Year Seminar “Creativity in American Life.”

image of Brianna Derr teaching a training on Kaltura in the Mac Lab in the ZSR Library

What’s this Kaltura thing?

Presenters: Brianna Healey, Dr. Adam Friedman, Chris McLaughlin, John Welsh

Theme: Pandemic Partnerships

Learn more about Kaltura, WFU's Video Management Platform, and how faculty are using it in the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning.

March 23, 9:00 am

descriptive title

Humans of Wake Forest: Digital Storytelling in the First-Year Writing Seminar (and Beyond)

Presenters: Brianna Healey, Keri Epps, Tahjanee Givens

Theme: Students as Creators

This presentation offers an overview of the learning goals, activities, and stories from students, faculty, and staff to begin the "Humans of Wake Forest" campaign which attempts to enrich campus community-building through storytelling.

Image of the HPC cluster equipment at the data center

High Performance Computing: Building Connections Across Campus

Presenters: Dr. Sean Anderson, Adam Carlson, Cody Stevens

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

Learn how the High Performance Computing (HPC) team engages with faculty and students who leverage the computational power of the DEAC Cluster to enhance their research and teaching, and promote collaboration, creativity, technological advancement, and academic excellence!

Picture of students in Wait Chapel for the Career Orientation from 2018.

Using Big Data Analysis to Guide Student-Facing Support

Presenters: Mallory Allred, Ashley Graham Phipps

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

The Student Scorecard Dashboard is used to analyze student behavior and performance in the job/internship search, event attendance, and application process.

March 24, 4:00 pm

photos of the three Step Grant recipients

STEP Grant Recipient Stories

Presenters: Brianna Healey, Nikki Elston, David Geary, Dr. Angela King

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

David Geary, Assistant professor of music, Anglea King, teaching professor in chemistry, and Nikki Elston, Assistant Teaching Professor in Counseling share their project ideas, process goals, outcomes, and why you should apply for the STEP Grant.

Toolbag and computer used by technicians in facilities

Technology Toolbag: Facilities Automation through Technology Integration

Presenters: Whitney Barker, Michael Draughn, Douglas Ecklund, Tim Mitchell, Jimmy Nifong

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

This presentation will provide an overview of facilities automation through technology integration, building automation systems(BAS), analytics, energy management, and utilities optimization.

Faculty member using the Google Jamboard

Jamboard: Creative Use of Technology in and out of the Classroom

Presenters: Oana Jurchescu

Theme: Technology in Unexpected Places

Join this session as Oana explains the experience and best practices for incorporating Jamboard in a class.

sceenshot from Hiddentown.org of a compilation of images to take users through audiovisual projects

Hidden Town: A Digital Humanities Community Engagement Collaboration on the Repressed History of Local Slavery

Presenters: Brianna Healey, Dr. Meredith Farmer

Theme: Students as Creators

Learn about the groundbreaking Hidden Town Project: an initiative to research the repressed history of the enslaved Africans and African Americans who lived in what we now call “Old Salem” and to make that research visible to the community.

March 25, 1:00 pm