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Presenter Information

Eudora Struble

Director, Technology Accessibility Information Systems

Eudora Struble serves as the Director for Technology Accessibility in Information Systems, facilitating engagement for Wake’s Technology Accessibility Program (TAP). In this role, Eudora seeks to build partnerships and advance accessible practices across Wake to make our vibrant technological and digital environment more accessible for all campus community members, including those with disabilities. Eudora engages with valued partners across Wake's community to proactively advance technology accessibility, while also spreading awareness that accessible technology supports diversity, inclusion, and the spirit of Pro Humanitate.


Jonathan Milam

Support Analyst, Technology Accessibility Information Systems

Jonathan Milam is part of the Technology Accessibility team in Information Systems, which works in support of the Technology Accessibility Program, whose goal is to make campus technology and digital content more accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities. In addition to working to increase awareness of the importance of accessible technology for everyone, Jonathan's role as Support Analyst involves testing applications and websites to identify areas for improvement, then acting in consultation with stakeholders to enhance accessibility and celebrate accessibility successes in their digital environments.