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Bridging Computational Law and Agency Law in Pedagogy

Hear Dr. Raina Haque discuss how using the WakerSpace tools and resources helps Law students understand how agency law has evolved and merged into a new discipline called computational law.

Presenter Information

Raina Haque, JD

Professor of Practice, Wake Forest School of Law

Raina Haque is a Professor of Practice of Technology who focuses on computational law & emergent technologies. Prior to joining the legal profession, she was a fintech business analyst and software engineer at a major Wall Street financial firm in New York City working in (ironically) clearance, trade, and settlement and global portfolio technologies. She was a research fellow at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences in the Neurotoxicology and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance labs working on artificial deep neural network applications. She is among the first patent attorneys to work in the blockchain technologies space and one of the few law professors to have a background as a machine learning engineer. She practices in the realm of emerging technologies, helping to develop soft law that will guide hard law. She is passionate about the interdisciplinary role that this coming generation of jurists can and must take in the burgeoning realm of emergent technologies and entrepreneurialism. She is a fan of authentic, transformational, hands-on learning.