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Penn State’s Dreamery: The Evolving Faculty Experiences Space

The Dreamery, located on the ground level of Shields Building, opened in December 2016 and serves as the de facto headquarters of TLT’s mission. In this one space students, faculty, and staff can use multiple new and emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, rapid prototyping with simple robotics, artificial intelligence and more. There are ample opportunities through dynamic, facilitated experiences for students, faculty, and staff to uncover how technology can help overcome higher education’s human hurdles.

Presenter Information

Ryan Wetzel

Manager Creative Learning Initiatives, Penn State

Ryan Wetzel is the manager of Creative Learning Initiatives which includes the Media Commons, Maker Commons, and Immersive Experiences Lab. These services are provided to all Penn State students, staff, and faculty by Teaching and Learning with Technology. He helps students make videos, podcasts, presentations, 3D prints, and electronic prototypes as part of course assignments. He spends much of my time thinking about how complex media technology can be simplified, taught, and applied in meaningful ways.

Markus Furer headshot

Markus Furer

University Park Coordinator, Pattee Knowledge Commons, PennState

My name is Markus Furer and I am the Media Commons coordinator for University Park. I ensure that our services are running smoothly and enabling students, faculty, and staff to incorporate multimedia into their teaching and learning. My day to day involves things like making the schedule, booking and teaching workshops, consulting with students and faculty, and planning ways in which to incorporate future emerging technologies into the Media Commons. I surround myself with as much technology as I can and will often spend my free time researching new tech. Movies and video games have always been my entertainment go to.