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Just Scratching the Surface: Introducing Microsoft Surface to WFU

An exciting new lineup of Microsoft Surface devices are coming to campus. Hear from Client Services team members on why they are looking forward to welcoming Surface to Wake.

Presenter Information

sophia headshot

Sophia Bredice

Assistant Director, Client Experience and Digital Communications, Client Services, Information Systems

Sophia Bredice serves as an Assistant Director of Client Services. Sophia graduated Wake Forest in May of 2015 with a major in Biology and History to later earn her Masters from the University of Virginia in Management of Information Technology. During her IS tenure, Sophia managed the student laptop transition and program, served on the Project Management team of the Workday implementation, and works on IT-related program communication and change management activities.

Greg Collins

Associate Director of Client Services

Greg Collins serves as the Associate Director of Client Services. Greg received a Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems from East Carolina University. Greg joined Wake Forest University Information Systems in 2013 and currently oversees all computer and software management, including other applications. He is responsible for the management and compliance of computers and assists in selecting computer models each year. Client Technologies is also responsible for developing and providing solutions as technology needs arise on campus. He also oversees all Client Services support teams, which provide user-end support to all of campus.

Pat Morton

Client Architect, Information Systems

Patrick holds a Masters Degree in American History and a MBA with an emphasis in IT Process and Operations from Wake Forest University. Patrick joined Wake Forest University Information Systems in 1997. Patrick's primary responsibilities are the building and maintenance of the Windows and Macintosh standard Images and administration of the Apple Mobile Device Management infrastructure for the university. He is also responsible for building and managing the Virtual Workspace environments for VMWare Fusion, BootCamp and Amazon Web Services. Patrick is also a certified Apple Hardware technician, IBM OEM integrator and A+ certified technician.