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High Performance Computing Team Services

Review the services that the HPC Team offers to users of the DEAC Cluster, as well as a brief overview of DEAC Cluster resources and impacts.

Presenter Information

Adam Carlson

Systems & HPC Architect, Information Systems

Adam Carlson has a degree in Computer Engineering and joined Wake Forest University in 2014. His primary efforts include architecting the DEAC Cluster hardware platform, advancing the configuration automation software used to maintain our servers, and upgrading cluster systems and firmware. He enjoys meeting with students and faculty to provide in-depth cluster training and troubleshooting, as well as providing instruction for the Intro to HPC class. Adam is also a huge advocate for wellness in the workplace and has previously served as the IS Wellness Ambassador. Outside of the workplace, Adam can often be found exercising outdoors, remodeling homes, and enjoying life with his wife, Elizabeth, while raising their three children.

Cody Stevens

HPC UNIX Systems Administrator, Information Systems

Cody came to Wake Forest University in 2009 where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science. He worked as the HPC intern in Summer 2014 before becoming a full member of the HPC Team in 2017. He now also holds a position in the Computer Science department, and is the lead instructor for the Intro to HPC course. His primary efforts relate to research and classroom support using Amazon Web Services, and building specific computing environments through software compilation and cloud services. He enjoys working with researchers to learn about their computational needs and discovering new technologies to support research across the University.

Dr. Sean Anderson

HPC UNIX Systems Administrator, Information Systems

Sean joined the HPC team in January 2020. His previous research experience helps him maintain the hundreds of scientific software packages that are available to users on the DEAC cluster. You will find him constantly compiling and optimizing codes, running benchmarks and tests, and coordinating with faculty and students about the use of various scientific codes and libraries. He is also a co-instructor on the Intro to HPC course offered by the Computer Science department. Sean obtained his Ph.D. in Optical Science in 2016, and has 10+ years working in scientific research, with emphasis on high performance computing, open software development for data analysis and visualization, material science, and first-principles calculations.